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  • Learning

    We place high premium on the training of our staff to improve on existing skills and acquire new ones. We also send our staff to various development programs organised by reputable institutions to pave way for promising employees to higher roles in the future. We also encourage our staff to register and affiliate with their professional institution. 

  • Work-Life Balance

    We help our employees to achieve a work-life balance by appreciating and getting involved in their social and spiritual attachments in so many ways  such as offering assistance during marriages, beravements, sickness that are not covered by health insurance policy. We strictly ensure that our employees enjoy their off-duty days as well as annual paid leaves. There is also a staff recreation area within the complex.

  • Transparent & Open Communication

    We minimize all kinds of bureaucratic bottlenecks in dealing with all sorts of office processes, be it staff grievances or procedural matters. Our Organogram ensures we have both straight and matrix reporting lines. We organize monthly staff general meetings where staff are allowed to voice out suggestions and grievances freely without fear.

  • Recognition

    Through performance management system of the organisation, we recognize and honor exceptional performers every three months. At the end of the year, the high performing staff are rewarded with salary increments subject are allowed to voice out suggestions and grievances freely without fear.

  • New Employees & Company's Core Values

    In View of the importance we attached to our company's core values, particularly those that border on integrity and ethical conduct, we do background checks and obtain attestation letters from candidates referees as prerequisites for confirming new employees appointments. We have also ensured that, for all new employees that will handle cash and company's sensitive documents, they must provide a guarantor who shall fill an indemnity form as a condition for employee or confirming the appointment of the new employee. 

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